Good or bad?

casual-weddingA recently-married man goes into a drugstore to pick up some things. The clerk greets him….

Clerk: Hey, how did the wedding go?

Man: Well, we got married.

Clerk: That’s good!

Man: No, that’s bad. I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Clerk: Oh that is bad!

Man: No, that’s good — she didn’t care and she’s rich.

Clerk: Oh, that is good.

Man: No, that’s bad. She won’t give me any or spend any of it.

Clerk: Oh, that’s bad.

Man: No, that’s good: She bought a house.

Clerk: Oh, that’s good.

Man: No, that’s bad — it burned down.

Clerk: Oh that is bad.

Man: No that’s good — she was in it!

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