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Boring lecture


One thing is common for all boring lectures: sleeping students.

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Dog working as baby-sitter


It is cheaper and more reliable than university students.

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Give up your resistance


Going to school is like being raped. Enjoy it if you cannot escape it.

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Sexy teacher all guys dream of


I want to go back to school, if there is such a teacher.

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She get the biggest boobs


Guys, don't put your claws on screen!

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A guy and two girls, so something should go wrong


"I want to sleep both of them, maybe in 3P", the guys moans.

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Professor as a photo bomb in the commencement


Cool professor! at least he looks like a professor thinking about his math problems.

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Professor and female students


Yes, even in ivory tower, there is fun, and photo bombs.

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Drunken and sleeping girl from Capital University


If you live in Ohio, you should try your luck 9to get a pickup) in this university!

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Funny commencement-it is time to drink

Commencement means a start, maybe start to drink publicly..

funny commencement, it is time to cheer, it is time to drink..

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