Holding for ransom

Little Johnny was planning on getting lots of presents for Christmas. He knew that god had a connection to the North Pole, and stood up and started to pray.

funny condom ad, endrosed by the Pope

Did I say no?

“God, i have been a child of perfection this year. I think i should get lots of presents… no that won’t work.”

He got on his knees. “God, I haven’t been the best child since last December. I still deserve lots of presents for my efforts… no that can’t work either!”

He laid face flat on the floor. “God, I have been a complete devil this year. But i can change, I promise! No, there’s no way he believe that!”

Johnny went to his last resort. He walked over to the modle of the stable that Jesus was born in. Little Johnny reached in and pulled out the virgin Mary. He went into his room, wrapped Mary in a sock, and placed her in his drawer.

“God, if you ever want to see your mother again…”

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