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Surprise your girl friend


It is not necessary to be rich to surprise your girls. But you need something strong between your legs.

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Christmas gift and shy bear


Hi nerds, when your girlfriend unbuttons, please do not be shy. After 10 mins you can continue your game.

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Before and after girl


Don’t be glad so early. Your girlfriend may be not so sexy in bedroom.

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Birthday surprise


Your dog is far better than your boy friend or girl friend.

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Dangerous travel photo

dangerous travel-photo

If your girlfriend is funny, you will die! Anyway, brave young man, you deserve the girl.

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Lesbian girls kissing, when drunken


Why lesbians are more beautiful and sexy? Find next your girlfriend (for guys) in a lesbian club!

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Her month is busy with my…


Is this dentist really humorous? He should have told the guy after spitting out of the shit and washing her mouth, she would call back (if she is not exhausted).

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Funny dog posing as its owner


so, dog is better than girl friend.

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Funny pig ballons


I guess the photo was taken in the Pig year. Or, his girlfriend likes pork.

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Durex is better than diamond


Next time, just prepare a Durex for your girl friend or wife! They will enjoy it more than a diamond.

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