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Geek girl: push the right buttons


You may want to try all buttons! Geek girls can be romantic. Why not?

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ASUS now makes jeans?


Made in China! Sold in China. Even Asus does not know!

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Mobile workstation


Female nerd!

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transparent display


It will be patented if Apple knows this.

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Two chatting dogs


Even dog does not know whether you are another dog.

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How to use hard disk to sharpen your knife


now you know why Seagate or WD will not close doors even nobody buys computer.

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Giant and sexy buttocks


how about doggy style?

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Computer toaster


How to re-use your old computer?

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Blue screen girl


you can fuck her if you get a blue screen from Windows.

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Internet hole


Guys are always got excited when there is a hole.

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