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Wrongly placed advertisement: Burger King


Don’t believe in these researches. Fat food is good for your heart, based on a research funded by KFC, McDonald’s Burger King, Wendy’s…

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Wild rose or wild boobs?


Wild rose for wild boobs! No boobs, no rose; plastic boobs, plastic rose.

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Worst advertisement placement: Turkish Airlines


Actually Turkish Airlines is not a bad one. Welcome to Turkey.

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Worst advertising placement: Godaddy’s where is daddy


GoDaddy girls are always sexy. Who cares about the Daddy?

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Ride me all night!


That is why guys are scared by public transportation. They cannot last all night.

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Tony’s tree trimming service, including bush


This Tony must be iron man! He can please so many women for trimming their bush.

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Funny ad: hair removal


next time, when you pick up a woman in a bar, you need check her old photos

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ad mate: gun show and gasket


It is a perfect mate.

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You need lubricant! Funny Durex Play ad


Even train need the lubricant!

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Free blow job if you buy coke there

Wow, guys, free blow job! Just buy coke there. Anyway just an illusion of a  misplaced ad.


A smart store owner!

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